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Using AI in the creation of mods

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Avanced AI content generators are a relatively new technology, which only recently has become accessible to the public. While many are still looking for a way to use it productively, I think it can be an amazing tool in creating mods for this game.

For example, someone could use an image generator like Midjorney, Dall e2 or stable diffusion to create images for leaders, flags, events or even maps. This offers major advantages for mod creators who struggle with creating the vast amounts of content required for a succesfull mod. Text based AI could additionally be used to refine the story the creator wants to tell through his mod.

Using AI, I believe the time used to create a complete mod could be reduced by a great margin, possibly also lowering the rate of abandoned mods, which have become so prevalent over the past few years.


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On 3/20/2023 at 3:20 PM, PHZanoniGamer said:

Wet dreams 

Aye mate about the megamod you guys have created for some reason after i hit a certain round i cant recruit anymore troops if you could can help me i would much apriciate it 

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