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Age of Civilizations is a strategy video game that allows players to lead nations through historical eras, managing economy, diplomacy, and wars. To enrich and improve the gaming experience, I have developed several ideas for a mod aimed at making the game more realistic, detailed, and engaging. Below, I will outline the main proposals for this mod.

Historical Leaders Based on Actual Periods

One of the main proposed changes is the introduction of historical leaders that accurately reflect the periods in which they actually ruled. This modification would not only add a layer of realism to the game but also allow players to better understand the historical context of their nations. For example, if a player is leading France during the French Revolution, they would have Napoleon Bonaparte as a leader instead of a generic leader.

National Anthems as Soundtracks

Another addition would be the integration of national anthems as soundtracks for the various nations. This enhancement would enrich the game's atmosphere, making the experience more immersive. Each time a player selects a nation, the corresponding anthem would play, creating a sense of national pride and identity.

Detailed Administrative Subdivisions

To increase the geographical detail of the game, provinces would be based on the smallest administrative subdivision of each nation. For example, in Italy, the territory could be divided into municipalities instead of regions or provinces. This would allow for more precise territorial management and more complex strategies.

Diversity of Political Thoughts

The mod would include a wider range of political thoughts, with some ideologies unique to certain nations. This would reflect the global political diversity and allow players to explore different governance approaches. For example, the doctrine of Confucianism could be a unique political thought for China.

Detailed Historical Maps

Another interesting element would be the introduction of historical maps based on every minor historical change, even within a few days. This level of detail would give players the opportunity to relive and modify specific historical moments with unprecedented precision.

New Constructions and Special Provinces

To further enrich the gameplay, the mod would introduce new constructions that players could build in their provinces, expanding strategic options. Additionally, tiny provinces would represent embassies and demilitarized zones, adding a new level of diplomatic complexity.

Maps Inspired by Other Video Games

Including maps inspired by other video games set in our universe but with changes would be an interesting innovation. This would allow players to explore alternative scenarios and see how nations could evolve in different contexts.

Monuments and Geographical Details

Adding all the actual monuments of each city and basing provinces on individual islands would improve realism and immersion. Additionally, naming cities in their original languages and clearly marking administrative divisions would help players better navigate the map.

Technological Regions and Unified Nations

Finally, the mod would introduce technological regions based on the largest administrative subdivisions, allowing for more realistic technological progress. Furthermore, maps that combine de jure and de facto nations would provide a more accurate view of global alliances and political divisions.


These ideas for the Age of Civilizations mod aim to make the game more detailed, realistic, and engaging. By integrating accurate historical leaders, national anthems, precise administrative subdivisions, diverse political thoughts, detailed historical maps, new constructions and special provinces, maps inspired by other video games, actual monuments, original city names, technological regions, and unified nations, players can experience a deeply enriched and stimulating gameplay experience.


Thank you for your attention and interest in these proposals. I am very enthusiastic about these ideas and ready to collaborate by providing further content and ideas for the mod. What I need is a skilled modder who can put these ideas into practice and bring this vision to life. Thank you again for listening, and I hope to collaborate with you soon!

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      I'm also interested in Missions for every Civilization.

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      Each unit can be unlocked by researching technology and then upgraded.


      Here is the current list of units with upgrades:

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