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Alternativ 2050

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Alternativ 2050


North America

1. The US has broken up into 50 countries.
2. Iceland annexed Greenland.
3. Mexico has annexed all other North American countries.

South America

1. Only Chille, Brazil and Rio de Janeiro remained on the continent.
2. Rio de Janeiro regains its independence.
3. Cuba has annexed all the islands around her.


1. Large countries have merged into the African Union.
2. Algeria, Egypt, the African Union, Nigeria, Madagascar and South Africa remained on the continent.


1. Regained independence: Asturias, the Kingdom of Leon, the Kingdom of Navarre, Aragon, the Kingdom of Valencia, Aquitaine, the Kingdom of Burgundy, Provence, the Rhine Palatinate, the Grand Duchy of Baden, Hesse, Bremen, Hamburg, the Duchy of Holstein, Mecklenburg, the Duchy of Pomerania, the Free City of Gdańsk, Prussia, Wales, Kingdom of Scotland, Kingdom of England, Catalonia, Majorca, Sicily, District of Flanders, Venetian Republic, Kingdom of Naples, Principality of Athens, Kosovo, Republika Srpska, Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Kingdom of Bavaria, Principality of Silesia, Smolensk, Crimean Khanate, Kingdom of Brittany.
2. Portugal and Giblartar took part of the land of Spain.
3. Luxembourg took part of the land of Belgium.
4. Sicily has changed into the Emirate of Sicily.
5. Turkey took part of the land of Greece.
6. Cyprus and Northern Cyprus have merged into one country.
7. Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic annexed Slovakia.
8. Austria annexed Slovenia.
9. The Kingdom of Yugoslavia took some lands from the Balkan states.
10. Poland, Hungary and Romania took part of the land of Ukraine.
11. Poland and Hungary have an alliance.
12. Sweden annexed part of Finland.
13. Poland, Prussia and Latvia annexed half of Lithuania's land.
14. Latvia has taken half the land of Estonia.


1. Russia broke up into: the Duchy of Moscow, the Crimean Khanate, Smolensk, the Great Odra, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the Russian Empire, Siberia and Russia.
2. North and South Korea merged into one country.


1.Indonesia has annexed all the islands in Australia.


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