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  2. I should finish Poland by the end of today, which means I would be moving on to Southern Europe (Southern France, Italy, Hungary, Yugoslavia) and get those finished by later this week.
  3. HEY! Age of Civilizations and his group named after himself said you and fight club were GAY!
  4. We're all fighters in this club. You won't find any neckbeard 1/14th German so I'm German in this club. We're great fighters who will take down all of you with one punch. Come at me bro
  5. Says the owner of a club with 20 less members. And DON"T call me a fickin wehraboo. Fick the nazis. That cyka destroyed any glory Germany had. Fick that guy. Also your main argument is a spelling mistake, not that solid
  6. The Kaiserreich is for losers. You didn't even spell it corrently, Wehraboo.
  7. You PEASANTS will NEVER defeat the Kaisereich! HEIL KAISER DIR
  8. Hello epic fight club members we will be the greatest club on this website we will fight everyone we see lets go

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