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Join The Creative and Amazing AOCII Modern Day + Team! Thanks! Check Out The Mod!!! --> http://www.ageofcivilizationsgame.com/topic/1324-modern-day-mod/
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  2. Excuse me Idont have events enabled ... can u tell me how to enable events???
  3. Update 0.4 Plans: - A BUNCH OF MORE EVENTNNNSSSSS (probably 25) - Another faction - army sizes - and more surprizessss 😉
  4. Update 0.3 - African Union Events - Some More Events - 50 More Economy Sizes - 20 More Army Sizes - and MoRe (Big Update) 🙂
  5. Im going to add some portraits aits for greece, iceland, etc too
  6. Update 0.2 Plans: - A bunch of new Events! - Nato and Csto - Economy and Army Sizes (a bit more) - Choices within the Events causing more control to your gameplay

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