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Ezekiel 38 Bible war.

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Hello guys. I've made a scenario from the Ezekiel 38 coming war. Rate it if you want. 

Russian-Iran-Turkey have an alliance, as stated in Ezekiel 38.

Lybia-Tunis-Morocco-Algeria-Sudan-Ethiopia go to war against Israel.

Syria has all the armies of the earth in her provinces. (All provinces except israel have military acces into Syria)

The war starts from basically the first turn. 

Israel and United States of America are in good relations but not allies and U.S.A didn't declare Israel's independence.

See for yourself if you can survive the upcoming real war that's about to happen in real life.




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Yes. The bible exactly says so. Ezekiel from 2000 years ago predicted that at the end of days, Russia-Turkey-and Iran (basically the war of Gog and Magog) will go against Israel, and all of Russia-Turkey-Iran allies will join against Israel. But in the end, Israel will win.

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Soooo.... that's happening pretty much now, in 2018 xd.  The pretext for all the gathering of all the armies from the entire world into Syria it's "fighting terrorism". (yes, they to this and they are stopping that group) but if the bible says this will happen, it will happen. Every event told in the bible was (and still is) 100% still happening in the ultimate details. True.

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