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The Dust Settles Challenges

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I have been thinking, "What if I could make my own The Dust Settles Achievements?".

Well I have set up some challenges. Some are easy. Some are hard. Some may be difficult beyond hell and back. But can you beat them?

True Rome: Annex Rome as one of the 4th Rome Nations. (Holy Roman Empire Nations)

Whin Wins: Annex the capitals of Maidengrad and Iron Legion.

Mastery of All Communism: Annex the capitals of Maidengrad and Red Dominion as Turkish Commune.

True Iberian People: Form Iberian Decendants as Northern Iberia.

The Irish Isles: Unite the British Isles as Renald.

True Death: Annex the Capitals of The Confederation, Northern Empire, Maidengrad, Iron Legion, Germania, Iberian People, White Star Empire, George, Heart of Roma/Way of Peace (Both supposed to be Rome), Whin, Watership, Korika, and Yerva as The Death League.

True Royalty: Annex the capitals of all 4th Rome Members as Royal Spring.

Heart of the Romans: Annex the capitals of Gaul, Watership, North Star Empire, and Korika as Heart of Roma.

You sunk my battleship: Defeat Watership in a war while they are still in the top 3, and you are not in the top 10.

Survived the Worst: Defeat your rebellious puppets as the Cuzodi Dynasty.

Ancient Traditions: Conquer all of the British Isles as Doreval.

Invaded During the Winter, and Succeded: Play as either Germania, Western Bloc, Gaul, or Death League, and annex Moscow during the winter months. (Note, this means Annex Moscow between December-Febuary.)

Russia's Punching Bag: Playing as Iron Legion or Maidengrad, kill Whin before turn 50. (That means nothing left of them. Don't even leave the tiniest piece of territory.)

No, I am Rome: Annex Moscow as Heart of Roma or Way of Peace.

Size Doesn't Matter: Form Russian Decendants as Whin.

United Tribes of Everybody: Annex every territory as the United Eastern Tribes. Neutral Territory does not count.

Stalin would be Proud: Annex Berlin as Maidengrad.

Napolean's True Heir: As Gaul or Western Bloc, become a republic and set your capital to Paris, and then Annex Berlin, Madrid, Moscow, Rome, Stockholm, London, and Istanbul.


Hope you can beat some or maybe all of these challenges.


Here is a link to the scenario, can't wait to see how you all do. :3


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