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The Tech Tree (this is where you use research/tech points) is kinda confusing in the sense of, I haven't any idea what a proper setup for it is. I usually just distribute all my starting points between mil upkeep, income production, and taxation. Therefore, I came here to ask what the best setup is. Also, what happens when you put points into administration? Does it lower the chance of rebellions?

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As I understand it, when you accrue points in the administration, you just spend less on administration. Sometimes it helps, because most of the money is spent on administration.

Regarding the distribution of points, it depends on the country. For weak countries, it is best to invest in economic development and population growth (if you have a low one). Tax income helps when you have a large population. Same goes for
income from production. The cost of the army is important if you want to fight a lot. However, AoC 2 is a game where you are forced to fight, so in my opinion you need to invest in it anyway. The cost of colonization is useless in scenarios where there is nothing to colonize (Modern World, 1936, etc.). Research seems to be important too, but it depends more on investing in it in your budget.

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