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Cold war scenario (ADDON+)

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this is a scenario where the soviet union never collapses. The Comintern (NOT warsaw pact) and NATO both exist but the Comintern is bigger to include china and North Korea. Sino-Soviet split never occurs

this is used with addon+ because there are more features and stuff. it probably wont work otherwise.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II\map\Earth+\scenarios

here is the path if addon+ is installed. open the zip folder and the folder in there drag it into that path. not the contents of it


  • Nato AND Comintern exist now.
  • Smaller EU
  • "The Great War" can happen if the US and USSR ever go to war wherein every province except a few are nuked (they become neutral)
  • Namibia is not independent
  • India is socialist
  • The Iron Curtain is still existing
  • Western sahara and palestine don't exist
  • Yugoslavia still exists
  • Small ideology changes may not be completely accurate
  • Small places like Malta don't exist (sorry if that bother you)
  • Many states are communist like they used to be
  • also 9/11 didnt happen because why not gotta give the us something positive in this world.
  • USSR guarentees independence of all communist states.

last edit i promise.

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