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East Asia in flames

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in 2035, East Asia is on complete chaos, now you might be asking "How?", so here is a quick preview of the story.

china- the people of china have realized how corrupt their goverment and decide to overthrow it, or become independent, but that does not mean they are working together, the warlords that seek to overthrow the goverment want to make the new goverment in their idea.

korea-the tension in korea is rising very fast due to north korea being scared that the south will invade since china is bassicaly a dumpster fire and they are even less supportive of change in their live style and goverment because of what happened to china, and south korea is aware of the north's changes and is scared since the usa has decided to withdraw from asian politics due to a russian ultimatum in 2023.

japan- a extremist fascist party on japan looking to the bring back the japanese empire declares war on japan seeing a opportunity since the us won't be involved.

1593561920490jrvudani 1593561920490jrvudani_A 1593561920490jrvudani_C 1593561920490jrvudani_D 1593561920490jrvudani_HRE 1593561920490jrvudani_INFO.json 1593561920490jrvudani_PD 1593561920490jrvudani_W 1593561920490jrvudani_E

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