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micheal deimos

"I can't imagine what could go wrong when downloading the mod for age of civilizations 2..."

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  Age of History II Creepypasta "The Cursed Version Of Age Of Mapping"


"I can't imagine what could go wrong when downloading the mod for age of civilizations 2..."

Beginning of the story:

It all started with a normal day after I came home from school late and turned on my weak laptop, it was about March 10 and I didn't know what mods to play because I outplayed Addon+ and Scenario+ I went to the forum and decided to download any mod that I liked to see and I noticed Age of Mapping from a Russian developer, judging by its description, well, I downloaded the mod swung somewhere with an archive of 400 megabytes,but after unzipping it began to weigh 527 megabytes, well, I thought okay, the mod is big and how wrong I was...

After unzipping, I created this account and saved money for a program to record the game, I wanted to make a video using the AoH II mods, so I now threw you this video,which I shot and tried to mount normally, but something went wrong... The mod itself was strange in the screenshots, it was completely different,but when it started, the loading was a strange inscription with a request to stop all this, then a map of the earth with a grotesque face, well, everything would be fine next, if only not one but... the sounds of some actions like "moving the army and politics" were replaced with normal familiar sounds to a loud scream from some screamer,then there were very few countries at all and it was not interesting to play and then it gave me more stress since the constant screams irritated me,then I decided to look at what with the music,only one file was played and then a distorted anthem with a screech the same name "mapperianhell" (in the video attempts about the music I did not show),played for a few seconds I turned off and went to the mod folder and I see that some of the game's action sound files have been replaced with a scream with screamer

Then I went to the music folder there were 2 sound files "mapperianhell.ogg" and "mapperianhell2.ogg" and I turned on the playback of "mapperianhell2.ogg" distorted sounds ,the music hits my ears hard these sounds of knocking iron bells and screams just killed my ears and after a while I heard the SSTV signal and I started to decipher, the result is not clear images because of the music somewhere an aircraft carrier and the only thing I could see This last one was a picture of a bird,but I didn't suspect one... the music started playing again and a jumpscare made out of a portrait of the leader of the Great Metropolis appeared and I slammed my laptop shut and was scared for a long time...

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