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Herr Himmler

Little rant.

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I understand that this rant could be hurtful to some content creators, discression is advised if you get easily offended.

Okay, so I'm quite fond of downloading and looking over AOC2 mods myself, because I love what this community has to offer, I've checked most there is too see without downloading Addon+, or bloody europe, or something like that, and I love the large range of what is on offer: However, sometimes I get triggered, because when I look into some mods that seem very interesting and that I enjoy, but quite often you can't download them, or worse, they aren't finished, I see many that I can't wait to see, for example some that have many scenarios involved, with many events, but I look at when these posts were published, and it says 2019, early 2020, like- yes I understand these things take a very long time to make, but not 1-2 years, that's just slacking, and I understand some of the ones where it totally revamps the game- I 100% understand why they take so long, but sometimes you see a scenario that could be easily done within a month maximum, and that could include leaders if you were active enough. And most of the time, these scenarios aren't that good, they don't use official maps- and that's another point, yes I understand if you can't find an appropriate map for that time period, you don't just say "Oh I can't do it!" Actually search and use sources, don't just give up, and I also understand that some of the province's wont fit to your liking, but often you can edit them or do the best you can- because (no offense to some creators) most maps that involve WW3, or something like that are often countries but massive blobs but with no actual research done into it, and they are done roughly in 3 or so days, sometimes even less time, however no one will critisize you if you get a bit of a border wrong, sure, one or two history buffs will throw virtual metaphoric chairs in your face, but this isn't Reddit where you get critisized for every little error, people will appreciate it.

My point is, please finish your scenarios if you make posts about them, and when you don't post any of them in a year, make a post on how progress is going, yes there is usually a discord server you can join, but.. for people who don't have discord it's very difficult, and so just post updates. Well, that's a little rant, I could write more but I'm lazy.


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