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Age of History 3
Albert speer

The formation of the german empire (sandbox)

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As i conquered ex HRE German territories the last territory left untouched by the prussian lion was Alsace Lorraine.

I quickly oqquciped the three provinces,i built 2 forts and sat back as 100s of thousands of french charged,and failed every...single....time.

Every turn took the lives of 100k+ Frenchmen while prussian casualties were also high (2M+ at the end of the war)that didn't matter as my population grew by 250k per turn.

This was by far the most brutal war I've had in this game,the treaty of Paris was a humiliating to the french nation at the begin the french had the population of around 10-11M and in the span of 6 years 2M have lost their lives,the french won't recover from this defeat and such huge loss of life anytime soon.







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4 million not 2 also *spelling!

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