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Age of History 3

alternate history I made

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hello i wanted to show a scenrio i made. Unfortunately i can't release because its on a modified version of addon+ and i dont want to be mean.
i made up som story for this. i will just summarize some parts to explain the worldd i put a bit of effort into this

North America the only continent colonized by europe. genocide was never committed against the americans which is part of what lead to the collapse of the USA and Quebec in 1995. still colonized by spain Mexico and the Aztec/aztlan state co-exist like Germany and Prussia. but the aztec are growing less and less enthusiastic about being a part of a spanish country.  the US and Quebec are allied and seek to re conquer their lost territory with some more sinister plans too. they can ally with germany if germany goes fascist
South America the inca empire ruled over most of the continent but then the eastern lands broke away and it had a civil war which the "divine nationalists" won, the communist inca government being in exile on the galapagos islands (yes its basically china).
Europe still split between the east and west. after the collapse of the usa (and UK,quebec) the western countries instituted monarchies again to prevent socialisms spread. this doesn't go well for west germany however and they have an option to go fascist (among other things).  they have the Royal Pact of Europa and are against the eastern alliance "The International" 
Africa Guinea was "colonized" by china, who later just left when the qing revolution happened. they now have a monarchy and have no trace of chinese culture. the UAR allies with them to protect the african lands. in southern africa the only colony was one of japan which now hates japan since they are socialist. then the eastern africans plan to unite southern africa into their dictatorship. otherwise there are just former tribes who had the same story of reforming into a monarchy or republic. 
Oceania  colonized by japan. thats it. new japan forms australia later. 
Asia the terran dominion is a former US colony who has a movement to unite earth into a world government and conquer space. Thailand is at odds with china and vietnam because their different ideology. Israel was united with palestine and now the people peacefully coexist. sadly this lead to BOtH of them hating the UAR for being "unpure". 



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>Be me

>Wake up

>Turn the computer on and go to AoC2 forum

>Sees an Alt history post

>Is happy

>Opens it and sees that Hungary gained nothing

>Day ruined

Btw nice alternate scenario

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That quite goo info i really learn something cinque.  Are all island countries in the South Pacific that you may have never heard of. Palau and Tuvalu were important US military outposts during World War II, but following that critical phase of history, they have been out of the news. If want to create a topic on ww2 with some fancy text styles like devil font copy and paste to improve my post quality have any idea how to apply on my Linux. please reply me if you have any idea.

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