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Age of History 3

World of the Setting Sun | A world without colonization

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What if colonialism never happened? image.thumb.png.618d00dea7e1b9eff50484bf7afa078d.png

This scenario is a world where european colonialism and genocides never happen. that's kind of it. the ideas of imperialism and racism never catch on with most of the world. in North America the main powers are the Navajo who expanded west but grew very autocratic with their allies. the Oceti Sakowin who seek to unite the continent under a massive confederation. the Haudenosaunee who seek to spread socialism. the Taino who rule the seas, and the Aztec Empire who wants to imperialize their neighbors. in south america the main powers are the Inca empire who once united all of south america and now is stuck in the past wanting to redo it. the mapuche who have explored most of antarctica and are trying to help the world understand its mysteries. and the carib who are a republic inspired by europe. in africa the powers are the songhai empire who control the sahara desert and got rich off of helping traders cross. the yao nation which are their adversary have done similar. ethiopia which has become more despotic and wants to conquer their neighbors. the namib nation which seeks to remain as they are with distributist policies. and the makua who have a established anarcho communism. in oceania fiji and hawaii both believe they are destined to take over the world. the maori established socialism with help from Inca immigrants fleeing the collapse. and the Kiribati spans the pacific. the Malaya have also united the east indies. in asia the Maurya have reformed their empire to be a united India similar to prussia and germany in otl, china recently overthrew their emperor and became a republic, Korea seeks to establish their own cultural identity and Mongolia now free from china is searching the globe for the descendants of Chinggis Khaan. (and siberia just exists). in europe tthe main powers are France, who differs from the status quo of Social Democracy. the Brittany people, who established workers' democracy (Syndicalism). the Republic of United Provinces who wants to unite all of europe under a confederation. and finally the german "aryan reich" who has sadly just fallen to Nazism and claims to have declared war on most of the world. though nobody takes them seriously. 

Place the folder within in the Earth+ map of ghzmod. place the 166... .zip folder into the pallets_of_civ_colors folder. This is by no means a complete package, i need to update the ghzmod i've changed a lot since i uploaded it. 

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      Hi, I need your help translating the Age of History 3 to your native language.
      Your translation into your native language would be very helpful! ❤️

      In the attachment is a file with new texts in the game to be translated.

      How to make translation:

      In the file there is list of texts in the game

      The Left side is the key, do not change it!

      The right side of each line after = is the translation to your language




      ChooseAnAdvisorToHire = Choose an Advisor to Hire

      ChooseAnAdvisorToHire is the key, don't change it


      Correctly made translation:

      ChooseAnAdvisorToHire = Your translated text
      ClickToHireAnAdvisor = Your translated text
      ClickToFireAnAdvisor = Your translated text


      ShiftClickToInvestXTimes = Shift + Click to invest {0} times

      In the place of {0} will be placed number or text

      PerformTheActionXTimes = Perform the action {0,choice,0#{0} times|1#{0} time|1<{0,number,integer} times}



      For now the game is translated to: Only English language!


    • Bloody Europe II | New update
      Bloody Europe II - it's a mod with a huge map of Europe.

      In these mod is:
      -Giant map of Europe (4434 provinces) + big map of Europe (2637 provinces) + large map of German Empire (937 provinces)

      -Large count of scenarios from ancient times to alternative future

      -New fonts and music

      -Plenty of new civilizations, form civs and union

      -You will see changes in the game code that will change the game significantly
    • Events - Common events for every civilization in the game
      in this topic, I am interested in your ideas for events that can happen for every Civilization in the game.
      I'm also interested in Missions for every Civilization.

      Here is some example, have more than 10k army, have more than 5000 gold, build 10 buildings, recruit an Advisor, increase tax efficiency 20 times, be largest  producer of some resource in the world, unlock 5 Civilization legacies etc.
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    • First preview of the Alpha version of Age of History 3
      First preview of the Alpha version of Age of History 3, YouTube.
      Release date: When it's ready 😛 Subscribe for more!


    • Land units - Ideas AoH3
      AoH3 will have different types of land units.

      In this topic we will write ideas for new land units. 


      So the AoH 3 will have new battle system.

      Representation of the battlefield in the game.

      Land units will be grouped into 3 types. Each unit will have a different recruitment cost, attack, defense, movement speed and upkeep.

      Groups determine the placement of units on the battlefield.


      Each unit can be unlocked by researching technology and then upgraded.


      Here is the current list of units with upgrades:

      First line:

      Warrior -> Light Footmen -> Heavy Infantry -> Infantry -> Line Infantry -> Modern Infantry

      Hoplites -> Spearmen -> Pikeman -> Elite Pikeman -> Musketeer -> Riflemen -> Mechanized Infantry -> Modern Mechanized Infantry

      First line side:

      Horseman -> Elite Horseman -> Cavalry -> Tank -> Modern Tank

      Second line:

      Archer -> Bowmen -> Crossbowman -> Elite Crossbowman

      Canon -> Field Cannon -> Artillery -> Modern Artillery

      Early Airplane -> Airplane -> Modern Airplane


      This is a very early version, so maybe something should be changed?

      Or maybe an idea for a new type of unit with upgrades? I'm waiting for your suggestions.

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