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1924 : Another Threat

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I present to you a Scenario named 1924 : Another Threat which is a Alternate 1924


1917 : The Russian Revolution failed, Lenin & the communist decide to exil in the German Empire. Central Powers is pushed back to their former borders. At the end of the year, Entente forces push in Germany & Austria-Hungary

1918 : The Great War is won by the Entente. The Weimar Republic is proclamed. Thanks to their actions in the war, Poland & the Baltic States is freed by the Russian Empire (Only the East of WW2Poland is still controled by the Russians). France, UK & USA decide to create 3 occupations zones in Western Germany. 

1919 : Some minor communist revolts happen in Germany who are lead by Lenin. The German Civil War begins : The Democratic Republic of Germany based in Oriental Prussia & near Berlin against the weakened Weimar Republic. France & its allies decide to not intervene in this war 

1920 : The Republic of China succeed to unify all China but Mandchuria is still resisting to this unification . Korea is freed by the Japanese but some political problems make Korea split into 2 country : North Korea who is fascist & South Korea who is democratic

1921-1924 : The German Civil War ended by the victory of the communists but the communists decide to let the Weimar Republic exist due to the Pression made by France and its allies. The Weimar Republic is weakened also by the independance of Bavaria in 1922. The communist victory in Germany have spread revolutions in Eastern Europe (Poland, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Turkey), Asia (North Korea, Mandchuria & Mongolia) & South America (Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil). Due to this new threat, Central American countries unite to become the Great Republic of Central America protected by the USA based in Panama

1924 is the year that will change everything. Which side you will choose ? Side with the communists & spread the communism all over the world OR side with the Allies & destroy this new threat 



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11 minutes ago, XGamer50 said:

For people that wanted screenshot , here it is !

Europe 1924


I must say that it looks GREAT,this could be a awesome scenario to play when i have some time 
PS:Are you french or the language in that screenshot is another romance language?

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3 hours ago, Ilovethisgame2 said:

Lol I dont even know french :classic_biggrin:

Hahahahahahahaha dont worry about it,I only ""learned"" some French because in some Argentinian schools they give us for two years French xD

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On 4/3/2019 at 13:57, Ramiro007 said:

Jajajajajajajaja no te preocupes por eso, solo "aprendí" algo de francés porque en algunas escuelas argentinas nos dan durante dos años francés xD

Esperá!, a mi yo acá desde misiones, oberá ciudad mediocre importante solo me dieron portugués y al final de 7mo ingles ¿de que provincia sos? Como es eso posible?

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On 12/16/2019 at 7:14 PM, LAUELCOMMIE☭ said:

Esperá!, a mi yo acá desde misiones, oberá ciudad mediocre importante solo me dieron portugués y al final de 7mo ingles ¿de que provincia sos? Como es eso posible?

Santa Fe,es la primera vez que escucho de una escuela argentina dando portugues xD

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