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Tang Dynasty: The Unification of China. Concept

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Take command of China during one of the most pivotal periods in its history, as you guide the Tang Dynasty to greatness. Beginning in 618 AD, players will face a fractured China, torn apart by rebellion and warlordism, and must unify the land under the banner of the Tang Dynasty.

Featuring an array of unique factions and leaders, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, players will need to navigate complex political alliances and military strategies in order to achieve victory. Along the way, they will encounter historical events and figures, such as the famous generals Li Shimin and Li Jing, as they seek to consolidate their power.

As players expand their territory and secure their borders, they will face challenges from neighboring kingdoms and nomadic tribes, such as the Gokturks and Tibetans. Diplomacy and trade will play a key role in balancing these competing interests, while military might will be necessary to protect the empire and expand its influence.

In addition to the main campaign, the mod could also include alternative scenarios such as "What if the Sui Dynasty had never collapsed?" or "What if the Tang Dynasty had conquered Japan?" to provide even more possibilities for players to explore.

Overall, "The Rise of the Tang Dynasty" mod would offer an engaging and historically authentic experience for players interested in Chinese history and strategy games, with a focus on diplomacy, trade, and military conquest.

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