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Age of History 3

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I came up with the idea that it would be possible to add something like seasons that would pass with time. These would affect the map and other conditions, for example:


  • the training and recruitment process may be difficult due to weather conditions
  • Seasonal changes affect food availability. In summer, agricultural production may be high, while winter may require the use of stored resources. Food shortages can lead to public dissatisfaction.
  • In winter or during periods of unfavorable weather conditions, wars may be less likely and diplomacy may play a greater role. Players can focus on developing alliances and trade instead of direct military conflicts.
  • An event like this in the northern parts of Europe and Canada where Winter can freeze lakes, creating new tactical possibilities during battles. Units can use ice to traverse terrain, which influences militaristic strategy. Units in winter are slower, but, for example, countries adapted to cold have a greater defense bonus
  • there is a greater risk of epidemics, which affects the city's ability to maintain a high level of health of its population and military.


  • the terrain may undergo changes due to snow melting and vegetation growth.
  •  the player can participate in competitions, win special prizes, and at the same time gain bonuses to the morale of units and happiness in the country, which increases their effectiveness in the spring.
  • a period of intense trading. Increase the availability and value of certain raw materials, as well as enable trade in seasonal products, which will increase the economic dynamics of the game.
  •  the city's population may grow faster due to better living conditions. This requires an increased demand for food, housing and other amenities, but at the same time it allows for greater army mobilization.
  •  launch special military campaigns, encouraging players to expand and conquer new territories. This may be related to specific bonuses or prizes available only in this season.


  • you can introduce increased maritime trade opportunities. Open new seaside trade routes to transport strategic resources and military units between ports.
  • agriculture reaches its peak productivity. Add bonuses to food production this season, which allows cities to be more self-sufficient in the summer while also gaining commercial value.
  • Organize summer knight tournaments and trade rallies. Countries can send their knights to participate in international tournaments, gaining not only fame but also special combat skills. Trade rallies can increase income from trade and cultural exchange.
  •  introduce the risk of droughts, which can impact water availability for cities. Players must invest in irrigation systems and water harvesting to minimize the impact of drought on food production and other resources. In places where there is a desert, sandstorms may occur, making movement and visibility difficult
  • Introduce new combat tactics adapted to the hot climate. For example, lightly armored units may be more mobile, while heavy armored units may experience greater heat-related difficulties.
  •  the seas are calmer, which makes it possible to organize sea expeditions. Players can send fleets in search of new lands, resources or hidden treasures.


  • Introduce mechanics related to preparing for winter. Cities must secure supplies of food, fuel and raw materials to survive winter periods, which affects economic management.
  • Apply seasonal climatic phenomena, such as morning fog or sudden rainfall. They can affect visibility, unit movement and countermeasure abilities
  • In autumn, introduce the possibility of harvesting special autumn crops. Players can organize special farming expeditions to increase food production and obtain unique bonuses.
  • Variable autumn temperatures may promote the development of certain diseases. Introduce mechanics where changes in temperature affect the ability to spread disease. Sudden cooling may increase the risk of illness.


I know that all this is probably impossible, but it would be an interesting aspect that would improve this game. a game that I fell in love with from the very beginning, since 2018 when you released it, I bought it thinking that it might be ordinary and weak. However, I was so addicted to it that I have 1.5k hours on it and I don't regret a single thing about this game.

DZIĘKUJE CI @Łukasz Jakowski  ZA TĄ GRE 


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