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Seven Days to the Rhine: The Soviet Plan to Invade Europe. Concept

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Seven Days to the Rhine is a mod concept for AOC2 that explores an alternate history scenario in which the Soviet Union launches a massive invasion of Western Europe in the late 1980s. The mod would be set in a hypothetical world where the Soviet Union manages to avoid collapse and instead becomes even more aggressive in its foreign policy, ultimately leading to a massive conflict with NATO.

The mod would include new units, maps, events, and scenarios that reflect the tense and dramatic nature of this hypothetical conflict. Players would be able to take on the role of either the Soviet Union or NATO and engage in a variety of military operations across Western Europe.

One of the key features of the mod would be the inclusion of a new campaign mode called "Seven Days to the Rhine." This campaign would simulate the opening stages of the Soviet invasion, which is named after the plan developed by the Soviet military to quickly seize control of key strategic locations in Germany and advance to the Rhine River within a week.

The campaign would be divided into several phases, each representing a different stage of the conflict. Players would need to manage their resources, deploy their forces strategically, and make critical decisions that could affect the outcome of the war.

In addition to the campaign mode, Seven Days to the Rhine would also include several new scenarios that explore different aspects of the conflict. These scenarios could focus on specific battles, such as the Battle of Frankfurt or the Battle of Hamburg, or they could simulate larger operations, such as a NATO counterattack into Soviet territory.

Overall, Seven Days to the Rhine would be an exciting and immersive mod for AOC2 that offers players a unique and challenging alternate history scenario to explore. With its detailed maps, realistic military units, and engaging gameplay mechanics, the mod would provide hours of fun for players who enjoy strategy and military games.

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