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Map of Gensokyo from Touhou Project (Garden of the Sun Update)

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"Haha! Weeb! Loser! You like ani-"
Body drops to the floor.

Anyways, I have created a map!
A map of Gensokyo from the Bullet Hell Game Series known as Touhou Project.
The map is 735 provinces total counting sea provinces.
On a custom map I put together using Paint.net.
One interesting thing you will find about this map is that it has a one large map, and 8 smaller maps on the side.
This represents Gensokyo, and some of the other realms that are visited in the franchise, like the Moon, Makai, and Hell.
There are certain territories on the big map connected to the smaller maps.
I hope you enjoy!
You will find a file with the map and civilizations created for said map.

Touhou Project by ZUN
Leader Portraits from Touhou Puppet Dance Performance Shard of Dreams and Extended
Tenma Portrait from Igneous25
Chang'e Image from Touhou: Silent Sinner in Blue
Touhou 19 Character Sprites from Touhou 19

Map Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/103XmghsxWJDrISGEk2lpjLjLbXWTk6im/view?usp=sharing








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Garden of the Sun 1.1 Update

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Sanzu River Region Updated

-Adds some new provinces to the NorthWest Region of the Gensokyo Map.
-Adds some nations for the Sanzu River Region.
-Tengu Lands have been shifted around and updated.

This will probably be the last update for a while.

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Perfect Cherry Birthday Update

The next update for this map will be coming out on August 17th to celebrate Touhou 7 - Perfect Cherry Blossom's 20th Birthday.

  • 200+ New Territories
  • A large map expansion to include the Dream World and Land of the Backdoor
  • Nations based on as many Touhou Characters as I could include.
  • Nations based on the new Touhou 19 stuff.
  • Scenarios based on most of the Touhou Games.

This has been an update a long time coming.

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Garden of the Sun Update

Adds a few provinces to the northern part of Garden of the Sun.


Yeah that's it, after the Perfect Cherry Birthday Update, I am gonna take it easy with updates. Doesn't mean nothing big is planned. I have something REAL BIG planned. c:<

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