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Intermarium broken?


I was playing a game in WW2 as Poland and after struggling for a while I began to do pretty well. I took back my land from Germany, so eventually I stopped worrying about defending myself and decided to set my goals on a larger, more ambitious project, forming the Intermarium. To my surprise, it only took me an hour or two to acquire all the required land.  I saved the game and quit, because I had something else to do. However, when I returned and loaded up the Intermarium save file, somehow I was playing as some random African country. I was a bit confused so I uninstalled and reinstalled my game, because I thought the mods I was working on might have messed with the save files. Once again, I played Poland in WW2 and formed the Intermarium, the same issue occurred, but this time I was playing as some Asian country. Has anyone else had this problem or did I just destroy my game on my own? I'm generally asking about forming new countries and playing as them, not specifically the Intermarium.

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