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Let’s assume that AoH3 will have a similar selection of scenarios as AoH2. Having that in mind, here are some ideas to make all the start dates feel different:


- 962-1806 - HRE mechanics, similar to EU4. Or EU3, you decide. The default 1440 scenario should also have a lot of events/event chains, seeing as it’s the scenario most people play.

- 1815-1914 - A greater focus on maintaining and growing an economy, industrialization, development of political ideas, nationalism and nationalist rebels, AI focus on maintaining a balance of power and colonialism instead of going ham with conquests. Greater penalties for taking land for both AI and player, maybe a meter somewhere that shows the current balance of power, if the balance is tipped more towards a certain nation, other nations would then be less likely to ally them/other nations would form coalitions against them.

- 1914-1918 - A decent representation of just how slow warfare was. Whether it be digging trenches, having battles take super long with a lot of casualties for just a few provinces, etc.

- 1919-1939 - Nothing to say here, just make WW2 warfare feel good, like HOI4 does. Can’t go wrong with a World War 2 game after all.

- 1945-1991 - Good Cold War mechanics! Currently there are no Cold War grand strategy games out there that actually feel like cold war games. A doomsday clock showing how close the world is to nuclear destruction, make wars be more impactful to the world tension, add spies and propaganda campaigns, make flipping another nation’s ideology possible by influencing their politics (the stronger your country, the stronger your influence, also let the smaller nations fight back against foreign meddling, let nations carve their own path like Yugoslavia did irl), space programs, make world wars way less likely, greater focus on diplomacy.

- 1991-Modern Day - One thing everybody would love, being able to turn off NATO/CSTO/EU when starting in Modern Day. Otherwise, make nations less likely to go to war with each other or something. And sanctions. Lots of sanctions. Letting nations block trade with/from other nations.


A few more ideas for the game that aren’t tied to start dates:

- Make formables feel unique, formables right now exist just to change your color, they don’t feel rewarding whatsoever. It would be cool to make each formable feel unique, with government mechanics, special unit types or something. 

- Make the AI stop randomly declaring war on another country that it doesn't even border, this could be tied to their technology like as you tech up, you can declare war on nations further away from you or something, basically getting declared on by Ming when you’re chilling in Persia shouldn’t happen.

- Make the AI less of a pushover and less cowardly. Like how EU4 has militarist rulers that take bigger risks. 

- Adding rulers. And, as a bonus, making the average age of a ruler go up as time passes/your tech rises. Like, imagine George W. Bush dying 2 years after he takes office in 2001. Not realistic, y’know?



That’s all I can think of, if I think of any more I’ll add them as replies. Gotta say, I did not think we were even GETTING a third game, so I’m pleasantly surprised, hope it turns out great!


Also, I wrote these all in like 10 minutes so they’re not fully fleshed out, just general outlines of ideas!

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