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If we want to talk about a colonization system, it is important to prioritize the secrecy of geography, as almost all AoH3 players have very good geographical knowledge. Simply covering and making the undiscovered regions invisible is insufficient. Instead, it is necessary to use an event system to determine where the exploration ships will go.


For example, the exploration for Portugal would begin with Vespucci choosing to go to the southwest region of the ocean to explore other lands and find fertile lands for colonization and colonization. Through events, he discovers the lands that would become present-day Venezuela or the Caribbean islands. There could even be an event where a storm changes his course and he ends up stepping foot in Florida, preventing direct access to the desired regions.


Another point I would like to mention is that if the colonization is initiated by Western European powers, there could be a division process by the Pope. This way, only the promised lands can be colonized. However, countries that don't recognize this division can easily colonize these territories, and they can also start colonizing outside the promised lands.


Another issue is the prevention of nonsensical nations colonizing or dominating colonial territories in the New World.


Priority should be given to nations such as:

- German

- Russian

- English

- Irish

- Scottish

- Italian



- French

- Ottoman

- Japanese

- Portuguese

- Spanish

- Viking


However, different nations should have different priorities in different geographies. For example, Portugal and Spain could have priority in colonizing South America, while in the north, priority could be given to the trio of English, French, and Spanish. But there could also be other colonization nations, as everything doesn't always have to follow a strict historical timeline.


In the process of colonization or exploitation, indigenous people may resist these systems. If resistance is successful, even if it is limited, the indigenous population could acquire some technologies or weapons from the colonizing nation. For example, in the 1600s, the natives who attacked Scottish settlers could acquire swords or wheels. However, the natives could suffer more harm from other factors. For example, the Aztecs, upon encountering the Spanish, were exposed to a major pandemic that resulted in the death of millions of indigenous people.


Another important point is that initially, colonized or colonial territories should need to rely on their own, and then gradually become fully dependent on their owners. But later on, they could become semi-autonomous through various governing systems and eventually gain full independence. A completely new nation could even emerge as a result of colonization or establishment of a state consisting of natives, such as the United States.


This system or these suggestions could be further developed. I am looking forward to your feedback. If you find these ideas logical, please write +1.


I think if these suggestions are taken into consideration, it will be a crucial aspect of the game, especially between the 14th and 20th centuries, throughout all centuries and eras.

(The examples do not contain historical information)

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