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AoH3: all the best community's suggestions summarized here for our brother Łukasz

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Hello everyone! This is my first time writing here, even though I'm a veteran of AoC and AoH2 with hundreds of hours of gameplay. I thought it would be a good idea to gather all the best suggestions for AoH3 from the community in one place, so Łukasz knows what we absolutely need in this new game.


Editing should be a primary focus in AoH3, as a significant portion of players choose to play AoH2 over other strategy games due to its limitless possibilities for creating alternative scenarios with the editor system. It should be improved further, allowing the direct import of flags, portraits, and symbols from folders. If AoH3 includes religions and cultures, we should have an editor for creating alternative governments, religions, and more. In the map editor, instead of just a Growth Rate Editor, add an Economy Editor, Population Editor (or any relevant values in AoH3), Province Value Editor, and Development Level Editor to make editing these aspects easier. Additionally, a Building Editor to add pre-existing buildings as ports in scenarios would enhance customization and modding. It would also be helpful to add an option to set provinces as occupied in the editor.



Simplify scenario editing by adding an "if" option to create multiple outcomes from the same event. Include Supervents that rarely occur and have significant impacts, with audio cues for dramatic effect. Another event type could be Random Events, which vary by era and occur randomly to make gameplay more interesting. Ensure that events, supervents, and random events are customizable.


War System:

Improve the war system with a more capable AI to create challenging battles and prevent "border gore." The AI should assimilate nearby provinces or single ports before attempting to conquer distant lands, especially for colonialism. Different troop types should be introduced, evolving through Tech Trees and Eras, including infantry, cavalry/motorized, siege machines/cannons, navy, and aircraft/bombers. Implement a manpower and resources system. A capitulation system is essential, as well as an autoplan function for both offensive and defensive assets. For the Contemporary Era, add nuclear weapons, intercontinental missiles, and long-range bombers. Introduce a casus belli mechanic and a proxy war system to provide troops, manpower, or resources to nations at war without direct participation.



Enhance the effectiveness of the Prestige value (or its equivalent in AoH3) for influencing other countries, such as fomenting revolts or changing governments. Improve AI to create more strategic alliances and coalitions, and introduce actions like embargoes, research espionage, naval blockades, terrorist attacks, trade pacts, and requests to cease hostile actions against other countries. Hostile actions against one nation should result in decreased diplomatic relations with friendly nations and potential retaliation. For the Holy Roman Empire (HRE), create a more customizable international organization that could be the HRE, UN, EU, or any other organization of the player's choice, gradually evolving from a trade pact area to full unification.


Tech Tree:

Utilize the tech tree for military, production, and economic aspects. Allow tech levels to unlock new troop types, restricted by the era (e.g., air bombers in the Modern Era). Apply a similar approach to economic and production tech trees. Consider adding government and religion tech trees, with diplomatic actions like Research Espionage to boost tech levels by spying on other nations.



Introduce a specialized economy system, enabling players to build their personal economic strategies. This could involve decisions about natural resource extraction and the privatization of certain economic sectors. Diversify natural resources, such as gold, coal, and wood, to add a geopolitical dimension to the game.


BONUS ONE: The multiplayer feature should be excellent!

I may have missed some suggestions, but I believe these are the most desired and realistically implementable features. With these improvements, AoH3 would undoubtedly become the ultimate strategic game for mobile!

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