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Some more suggestions from YT comments

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(These suggestions were taken from the RaiderKnight channel, in his video about AoH3. The commenter is Sun.)


1: more trade Options.


So you know how We can make farms And stuff right? Well I want to do id that I'd be able to collect carrots carrots and stuff also collect wood be able to make mines And then sell all of that And put up a prize now If you trade with someone your relations will improve And I like that idea also when you have a large army and are doing a conquest you need to build supply camps but There should be a option to turn or off this and also it will Increase your income


2: Be able to aid your allies or anyone


By aid I mean send them money resources supplies Soldiers and this will Improve your relations with them Heavily since the more you help em the more they like you!


3: Be able to build Team planet savers 


to save the planet earth from deforestation ocean pollution from the navy battles and fix pollution and ozone and space junk and all and be able to build your own NASA And like go to mars or something like that and start a new civilization And you will be funding them 


3: edit provinces and make your own map Without mods 


4: be able to copy a timeline


like ww2 As many times as you want to make a better version of that scenario 


5: more timelines 


like ww1 Punic wars cold war The Russian civil war and more!


6: make it easier to add leader profiles 


There are a lot of android users of aoh2 and they can't add a leader profile I guess.. I guess Billie eiliesh can never become a German..


7: an airforce and navy


An airforce works like you need pilots and need to build planes in workshops And build even navy ships weapons tanks and even train soldiers and sailors and stuff so workshops have a use!


8: be able to add multiple leaders of one country


Depending on the time like for 1922 Lenin will be the leader of the soviets 1939 Stalin is the leader But if you start as a leader it stays Like that But you can step down and retire and at the end it will give you a leader rank from really bad bad Weak okay.. average liked better Good very good great Really great Leader Amazing leader super liked and amazing leader and the gold star for the best leader rank but you can rerun for Leader or gain popularity or wait for the new leader to die Depending on the government or You can run a revolt or talk with the Leader or something or become a military general aka you lead the army given to you!


9: Be able to put soldiers as reverse personal 


and can call them Just on the tap where you disband and constrict troops However in the settings I think he should add 2 options one if you want your troops to come instantly or wait 1 or 2 turns Or Where you call your reverse personal to a province they come from the original Province you Put them Into a reverse personal like Let's say I put my Troops in Reverse personal in Like Volgograd and I want them to go to Moscow so I click on more and scroll Down to the tap which has reverse personal disband constrict and Call personal if I click on Call personal and pick the army In Volgograd They will Automatically start moving to Moscow where I Wanted them to go to 


10: a accurate scenario 


what I mean by this is make a scenario super accurate to pur world and when you lose a major war it will say "Well you lost gg you tired time to make your country again and btw you need to pay the winners some money" then it will tell you how much Money and remember it can be more then your economy


11: better peace demands 


by that I mean be able set how much Money a country has to pay lowest is 1 coin highest is 70 billion coins... OOF and be able to make them not attack you again and also BAN them from some stuff like having a small army which you can customize from 10 to 100 Million so basically you can just set it that The country can only have 10 soldiers and also be able to weaken their navy and airforce and labor force


12: currency 


a good currency means a better economy and influence and happiness 


13: more alliance settings 


when making a alliance there should be 3 categories 

an economy/currency alliance like Eu a military alliance and a trade alliance and also to make more countries join your alliance you need to make promises so for economy alliances make promise for a better economy or currency for a military alliance make a promise for better military or more land or fight a certain country that most other countries hate


14: Navy and air force blockades 


by this I mean be able to block countries from trading And making them starve but this will affect your happiness.


15: One day one turn 


by that I mean when a new turn begins instead of it being 11 days it will be 1 day instead 

simple as that:D


16: be able to Edit your puppet's government 


so basically if your a republic your puppet will be a republic but if you want your puppet to change their government you can easily change it 


17: Elections 


depending on your government they can be elections to win you need to be popular and have a good happiness like a 90℅ and you can run for a reelection 


18: just retire 


if you want to be done you can just retire with your allies or just go alone so basically the leaders of your allies can become your buddies and you guys can run for re election or come back in power with the help of your buddies or help your own buddies 




19: Long term war and Conquest war


So a Long term war means a Long war or a conflict which isn't a actually a War or it can be a war too It can be a influence war with your Allies vs Your enemy's allies or a World war or a economy war or navy war or a development war, Like wars that are not quiet wars they are conflicts both of these will count the years the deaths and this time the Growth of a country from the beginning to the end a conquest version is simple before you declare war on someone there should be 3 options


 "prepare for war" 


"Declare war"


"Conquest war" 


when you kill conquest war it will count every single war you have done all the deaths all the Economic loses all the Growth Loses and you can name the conquest war anything even But in conquest wars you have to be Alone no allies, But for the Long term war you can set a Tigger like in events meaning its not actually a War its a Conflict basically when you and a Strong country which is in the Top 10 start to get not along with each other the option of start Long term war Begins a great example is the cold War the USSR and USA fight for influence but long term wars can have mini wars like in the cold war there was the Korean war, so here You can set How the Long term war ends and the options will be like the events or it can be after one country gets more influence or territory whichever Long term war you set to and the then the other country collapses like the USSR.


also bonus be able to add republics in your own country so they kinda have a different identity just like the USSR








20: more government types 


more new government types like nationalism socialism Dictatorships absolute monarchy national fascist revolutionary republic and etc





21: Economic systems 


choose your own economic system like communism, capitalism, closed economy, open economy, market based, production economy. like those types or just say bye bye to the whole world and isolate yourself like how Japan did IRL 



22: Military air or naval bases


be able to have naval air and military bases not only in your country but also others to do this you need to go to diplomacy and the scroll to the option where it should be called "Ask for a military base"



24: infrastructure system 


credit to lukas 5862 for this idea thank you 


so basically there will be a add structure option to each province. the way it works Is when you open it the game will take you to a drawing pad and let's say you make a doodle well the AI got you because it will try Make your doodle a structure and coloring Is your Job. a structure can attract tourists which can lead to them moving to your country in that province boosting population and there Is a chance if they open a company in that province leading to more economic growth and development too. you will Get a icon to tell you what the tourists did.

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