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Age of History 3

Some mod bug fixes

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When making mods, the modders faced many bugs that many times turned the game unplayable. I'll list some of them so they can be avoided in the next game


1 - Loading a game and being kicked out: Many times when you have an advanced game on mods like TNO or Megamod, and you try to load it, your game will kick you out, or sometimes load as a random nation. if the second option happens, and you try to click in any button, the game starts flashing and glitching weirdly

2 - Game not loading at all: In some mods with many events like TNO, after playing a few turns and then quitting, and afterwards loading, the game simply won't load. It'll be stuck at the loading screen for a minute or so and then it'll either kick you back to the main menu or it won't work at all (I can't remember what happens)

3 - Ideologies & events bug: Sometimes when creating or removing Ideologies, the events will bug and the subjects of the events will be random 

4 - 0 relations bug: This is a pretty known bug, as it's one of the earliest bugs discovered, so I don't know if it has been fixed throughout the updates or not, as there were fanmade fixes for it. Basically , it's just a but that happens on advanced games, where all the relations drop to zero

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