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Grant the game permission to access device images
 Various attacks and sieges (land, sea, air)
 Different weapons (if any) depending on each era
 The possibility of supporting revolutions militarily and increasing the probability of their victory
 Create a revolution and get the support of other countries
 Support the ally militarily without interfering in the war
 Adding armed militias affiliated with your country abroad
 The possibility of war in one region
 Adding disputed areas
 Establishing investments in other countries
 The emergence of another state without challenging a civilization that can be created
 The possibility of downloading a flag from the device in the “Create a Civilization” feature
 Adding several personalities of one country with their pictures and the length of their stay
 Changing leaders by changing the government of the same country
 Adding economic and trade deals between countries
 Add economic alliances
 The possibility of changing the duration of joint defense and protection to infinity and the possibility of canceling it
 The puppet participates in the war without obtaining lands
 Build many farms, castles, etc. at one time
 The ability to add cities, change provinces, and add civilizations easily
 Adding religions, missionary messages, and the possibility of explaining the region we colonized
 Adding the official languages for each region and everything related to it
 Adding international economic, political, religious and other organizations and the possibility of establishing them
 The possibility of the organization uniting in one country by order of the leader country of the alliance (the strongest civilization)
 Make the pass duration infinite
 Amending the powers of the state in the economic alliance
 Adding the currency and its value against gold and the possibility of its increase and decrease
 The possibility of unifying the currency in the economic alliance
 Controlling dolls without their permission
 Increased stabilization duration over 100 rounds
 When the state falls, its flag disappears completely
 Adding other facilities to the building, such as the police, the National Gendarmerie, and others
 I recommend the mapchart website to add provinces
 Add multinational companies
 Facilitating the addition and diversity of events
 Exploiting the wealth of puppets and controlling their business deals
 Adding types of dependencies to puppets
 Add political parties in each country
 For any help, email me at imrane13dz@gmail.com

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I agree with most of these ideas. I think that we should keep alot of what made AOH2 great and add to it like it's being suggested. I would think insuring that's its available on both PC and Mobile would be important, as well as its accessibility (such as insuring you can continue to play it offline without any need of internet connection beyond installing updates). I like the fact that you can create your own scenarios, Counties, Cities, and leaders but not being able to create Government types easily created problems, as well as editing Providences. I also think making it easier and quicker to mod held back alot of progress. Also, being able to switch or add map types made things difficult ( Like the Star Wars Mod or The Game Of thrones Mod ). I think all of these ideas being suggested are great and truly worth being considered for AOH3 but we should start by adding the things that made AOH2 difficult to improve upon. I think the more complex ideas can be added in later updates and improved upon later after its release. AOH2 was great even with its flaws but it's lack of ability for the players to add to it is what drove some players away. AOH3 could be done in a way that allows for the player to have more creativity with the game, that way there doesn't need to be constant updates adding things to the game, all you would need is good and creative game mechanics to do it for you. That and give greater ability to modders. They'll be more than able to give people different flavors of your game without having to bug its creator 24/7 about new releases. I think we as the Age Of History community need to start small and gradually build up with suggestions. 

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