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Age of History 3

AI Improvement, Peace Deals, Diplomacy, Politics & Conferences

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Hello !

I would like to suggets that the AI be improved. Firstly, it should stop declaring war on random contries when relations are very bad. The AI puppets should be controlled more by the player. They should listen to the player and have all their deals and external affairs from other countries redirected to us. For example, in AOC2, a buffer state created by me would give military access to other countries. I wish I could control their external affairs. Also, the peace deals should be improved with many more aspects, such as imposing a limit on how big the military can be for a set amount of time, having access to their territory, being able to trade provinces with allies who claim them in the peace deal and also having full control of allied puppet states within the peace deal. This should make border gore dissapear. It would be great to have the option to occupy strategic provinces for a set amount of time agreed in the peace deal and take advantage of the economic benefits of those rich provinces but not annexing them (this will also mean that we can't recruit soldiers from those regions as they aren't a part of our country). Also, making the puppet states accept all of my requests as their overlord, also having the option to invite them to my faction(alliance), as in AOC2, I'm able to invite most of them, as the rest won't join because I have to many allies, even if they are my puppets. Make so that the puppets in the same side as me in war won't prevent me from making peace and reject every deal I make. Also please add the option to change the name of the alliances. Conferences would be good to add and having the option to split provinces to avoid border gore and do other stuff during peace time and not in a peace deal during a war. Also having more control in the internal affairs of  countries and militarily, like adding spies (therefore a mechanic to counter them), being able to stage a coup and change the goverment to one friendly to me. I think it would be great to add a moral system to the army. For example, when the capital of an enemy is taken, their army will have a lower morale therefore a weaker army. I also suggest being able to take control of armies of puppet states when at war. I think the politics and diplomacy needs to be improved a lot. Political parties can be added with elections depending on the type of goverment we have. More deals with other countries, such as armistices.

Thank you !

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