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150+ SUGGESTIONS FOR AOH3 (everything suggested so far on this forum & more!)

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129. If canals are to be added aswell as navies then make thr controller of the canal be able to block access thru it which would lead to maybe decreases relations or a event or something


130. Us and stuff control's Panama canal historically add that


Lukas make this ur check list and once u get thru all these then release the game

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131. Ww2 scenrio don't forget to add aussa in ethopia and other states ww2 scenrio for example don't forget the Spanish Civil War with 4 main groups fighting just like the chinese civil war is present or something don't forget civil wars in modern day scenrio either don't forget civil wars in general

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Don't forget 132. A proper man power and political system


That which can be used for 133. Properly training & requirritinng troops where u can select what province they emerge from 


134. Diffrrenet forms of battle plans & battle plans for general spearhead, defensive line, front lines, etc


135. Suddetenland provinces


136. Don't forget historical conflicts like finish Russo war


137. Resistence system in occupied provinces and ability to counter it by placing units there such as tank ones which deal with it better with diffrent forms of law civilian overisght, local police force, seceret police, martial law etc just like hoi4


138. Eu4 events like fall of Constantinople granda & about mapajahit


139. ability to exploit/benefit from resources, manpower & units from colonies & occupied terirotirss


140. Rivers & mountians which affect gameplay & makes it harder/take longer for units to cross apart from impassable terrain


141. Ability to promote/with certian skills & medals to ur generals


142. Debt system & ability to give money to other countries as foreign aid after distaters or either to help them with their debt issues


143.abikity to benefit from thr north pole/the arctic aswell If anatartica was to be added


144. Deforestation & desertication where can grow if ur country doesn't deal with it via events or laws


145. Landamrks/monuments which include statue of liberty, colussem kaaba, prophet mosque in media also don't forget natural monuments/landmarks like grand canyon Amazon rainforest


146. Make maybe rainforest impassable by troops if my earlier suggestion of impassable terrains was to be added to areas with unique biomes like Congo basin, jungles of Amazon & borneo aswell as Sahara and Tibet mountains


147. Ability to create customize planes & tanks just like in hoi4


148. Ability to edit units/dividions just like hii4 has the division editor/creator where u can modify units yk


149. Each Era has its own music like middle ages modern ww1 etc


150. Speaking of eras make there be different ages like in eu4 for example exploration, colonization, englithement, Victorian, conflict eras that span across the game & each Era having unique bonuses if ur one of the things listed as a bonus In it just like in eu4


151. Bible, quran & hadith verses as quotes being actually in game as quotes while doing special events like how it is in ck2 when u go on a pillgraimge & meet ppl and they tell u about such things

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On 07.12.2023 at 01:47, xox said:

ability to switch from 3d view to 2d for weak devices

It sounds like the "NATO Icons" mode in the HoI game series (changes the sprites/models to symbols used in the armies of NATO countries)

Edited by Mirolit

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i agree with this one. it should be possible to bloc especialy for straits and stuff because it is annoying to see everyone pass from your sea territories without your consent

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i agree with this one. it should be possible to bloc especialy for straits and stuff because it is annoying to see everyone pass from your sea territories without your consent

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      Groups determine the placement of units on the battlefield.


      Each unit can be unlocked by researching technology and then upgraded.


      Here is the current list of units with upgrades:

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      All of the buildings can be upgraded, here is example:

      Library -> University -> Academy

      Each building costs differently and gives different bonuses.



      This is what your building idea post should look like, example


      Building Group: Administration

      Name: Tax Office

      Cost: 60 Gold

      Construction Time: 90 Days

      Maintenance Cost: 0.2 gold per month

      The name of the technology that unlocks this building (Optional)

      And write here what bonuses this building provides. Example:


      Local Tax Efficiency: +10%

      Manpower per month: +25


      The same goes for building upgrades.


      The most important thing with new building ideas is to not stick to the old game, get creative and offer new bonuses not available in Age of History 2, and maybe new things and mechanics will be added to the game


      Template for the post:


      Building Group:



      Construction Time:

      Maintenance Cost: 

      The name of the technology that unlocks this building:






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