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Better Internal/External Diplomacy

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First I'll start with internal diplomacy. There can be more ideologies like how other people are saying, and these can be put into a pie chart to see the popularity of each (like Hoi4). You can pass different laws that can make the different ideologies either happier or more angry towards your rule. The laws can give different bonuses or debuffs to your country too, some examples of laws can be conscription laws, education laws, labor laws, voting laws, etc.. Once the ideology that is leading the country is no longer in the majority, other ideologies can cause a civil war, coup, or just assassinate the leader. And now onto external diplomacy. First better country ai, countries will offer more gold in trade deals, be less likely to accept declare war trade deals with barely anything for them, more likely to accept province trade deals, be more likely to join and create alliances, better peace deal ai (more likely to create vassals with certain ideologies, and taking land that connects to their country). Also there can be better peace deals that add things like, demilitarized zones, changing their government, giving land to the other victors in the peace deal, making the losers join your alliance, etc.

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