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Balancing out the AI in AOH3 - Economy,Population and Military

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So of course the point of Age Of History 2 was war and conquest, but the economy and the population is an element of the game too. Wheter I was trying to dominate the World as a nation economically peacefully or with wars as well, the AI of the game in AOH2 was always able to catch up. It seems like as in the beginning of games you are able to totally dominate the AI but after a few thousand round, the AI just comes up a lot faster than you progress. This is the worst with the seemingly overpowered AI countries - these countries always achieve playerwise unachievable economies in the end - Japan, Cuba, The Philippines, Taiwan etc. So in AOH3 I would really like to see this balanced out, that the AI couldnt do so much progress econimcally, sometimes population wise which is humanly impossible. It would be great if it were balanced out, that with some pro moves you can actually without taking over the World, even as a smaller nation be one of the strongest economies, and the AI couldnt do impossible things. This was true for the military strenght ass well, in AOH2 in the beginning of games AI led countries are super weak, then they become more and more stronger, and after houndreds of rounds pass they have a military size which is impossible for the economy they have. An example : I am playing Spain with an economy of 100 000 and can maxinally have 30000 soldiers on ground. The AI lead Greece has an economy of 130 000 but they have 90000 soldiers. If I using every reduction in upkeep I can imagine would have an army of 90000, I would go into state bankruptcy. This should be fixed too.

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