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Rebellion system?

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I believe that it is necessary to improve the rebellion system, this is what I propose:

New assimilation system

Zones will not convert to your nation immediately and it will take several turns until there is a certain minority of your nation in that place, all of this will depend on the differences between the countries, the distance or how popular it is. With this, it will not be the same to assimilate being Spain in Mexico as the British Empire in India or Russia in Siberia (In populated zones the assimilation would be difficult with the natives, India for example or easier like Australia and UK).


Great instability, whether at the national or local level, can cause a rebellion to declare a war. This instability could be caused by war zones, neighboring rebellions, economic or political problems, insecurity or a sudden change in government (moving from democracy to to fascism for example).

Financial and foreign support 

Foreign rivals could secretly finance a coup or rebellion in your country, to know this you would have to improve your spy system and keep your armed forces or ethnic groups within the country loyal. If you fail to discover or stop the coup or rebellion you would have to fight against the movement, and in extreme cases against the foreign country. The same applies to you, finance or support with your army other cultures to rebel against another.


When a rebellion starts they would have a flag and name, for exemple "Provisional Government of Greece" in case of war of independence or "English parlamentaries" in case of civil wars, revolutions or coup d'etat.

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Yes and it could also add different kinds of revolutionary movements

Such as:

1-Political movement to change the king or prime minister

2-movements to change government form (for example changing between monarchy and republic)

3-peasent rebellions which cause when there's so many unhappy people and it only weaken the country

4-revolutions for destroying the central government of a country and separate it into several states(like Yugoslavia) or make a total anarchy


And so many more which could be in the game and make rebellions more dynamic



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