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Age of History 3

MODERN PERIOD IDEAS (must read mr lukash)

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I have seen lots of suggestions here for 1440 scenario etc, and the ideas are great, but there doesn't seem to be much thought for the late game experience when you approach the modern period, so here are my takes, I will keep it short and sweet


1 UN: an entity that would appear in the age of information, it would interfere in wars and attempt to make peace negotiations for both sides, the UN Council would consist of countries, if you have high relations it might affect their decision and get you what you want, the UN would have a set of rules and every now and then they would vote on important laws, for example genocide is much harder late game because the UN labels it a warcrime in its charter, thus leading to big debuffs and possibly being alienated, if you break too much laws you get coalitioned, which also varies based on your relation with the council, higher relations means less debuffs, the UN would have the ability to send out world news to everyone on important matters (IE wars, nukes or rising tensions between global powers etc...), also UN serves to keep the balance of power, so if you play as egypt and unify with sudan then reforming economy, this breaks the balance of power, lowering your relation with US or whatever modern superpower in your late game and ultimately leading to US funding sudan partisans, sending spys and causing civil war, making the modern era actually interesting

2- colonial debuffs in new world

These would mostly start in 1780 or whatever date, your settlers begin to form their own culture, becoming more autonomous and declaring independence, ex: American revolution, fall of Spanish colonies etc, this would happen eventually if you send settlers into other continents, (Africa, americas Oceania) though its much much harder to settle Africa due to climate

3 - minorities and their types and loyalty

This would allow for other ethnic groups to exist and still be part of your civilization, their types are:

1-religious minorities: ie: coptic egyptians, arab christians, etc which are still your people but different religions, these minorities have high loyalty if treated well, but won't hesitate to rebel if prosecuted, islam could have extra points for abrahamic minoritIdea: when/if you add trading resources in the future, make it so that there are trade ships visible on the map, for example castile sold 900 silver to austria, so a ship embarks out of valencia and lands in venice/any austrian port city, this feature would give bonuses to trade hubs like alexandria, valencia, malaga, venice, etc..., this would make the world more alive, the ships could even be upgraded like unit's to go farther/carry more, much like military units these ships would upgrade thru agesy loyalty so long as government isnt fundamentalist,

2-ethnic minorities: ie: basques gallacians, catalonians, uygurs, these are much harder to earn their loyalty, and are often separatist, starting rebellions and turning UN against you if you don't release them, this would allow for larger empires to collapse and give actual use to puppet states, making the cycle of power more organic and allowing new empires to be created from the remains of old ones

4- dynamic unions

These unions would happen when two governments United, IE egypt and Syria forming arab Republic, in that case Syrians for example aren't minorities, they are something called co-operating ethnic groups, both groups are loyal to the state but separated, but if Syria for example is neglected loyalty plummets quickly and union is broken


That's it, hope the ideas helped 






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