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Capitulation for aoh3?

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Is there will be a capitulation system on aoh3? or a system like capturing most of important regions of country makes progress faster and easier
i prefer capitulation but isnt a op version, capitulation on %85 is best because percents like %65 is so op and feels like bypassing battles

also i think  if you capitulate mainland of a country overseas territories can be resist, that can be cool 

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On 1/24/2024 at 5:15 AM, Łukasz Jakowski said:

based on current warscore.

I think it's worth making a separate modifier "Resistance of civilization", which will depend not only on the outcome of battles and the capture of provinces, but also on parameters such as the size of the army, the ratio of losses incurred to the total population, the risk of uprisings, etc. So the capitulation system would reflect the state of the losing country to a greater extent, and a strong power would not capitulate from a simple capture of provinces and a couple of battles. In addition, such a system will be more careful with events.

In addition, it would be nice if there was some kind of general morale modifier that would depend only on the outcome of battles and affect the behavior of AI: in AoH2, situations were very annoying when a bot, losing on the main front, forgot about it and put all its strength into a naval landing / breakthrough somewhere in the a hard-to-reach place, which contradicts the logic of a real war and common sense. Using such a new modifier, it would be possible to make it so that if several battles were lost, the AI would try to retreat to the nearest fortified friendly province or simply avoid battles, and also couldn't make naval incursions.

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16 hours ago, uwut said:

%85 is best

I'm not sure that's enough for small civilizations. When modders tried to implement the capitulation system in AoH2, it killed the event system: for example, AI could simply annex a civilization instead of making peace. For me, as for many other modders, the performance of events is much more important than the convenience of gameplay.

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I dont think that capitulation system is good. That's why: 

If there was a capitulation system in the game, the situation presented in the video wolud not be possible (even when 90% of Poland was occupied they did not capitulate and did not fall)

Capitualtion would make the game too easy.

Alternatively capitulation may be possible after getting 95% warscore (so we not to have to conquer islands on the other side of the world to finish a war)

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