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Age of History 3

Ideas in Different Fields

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1) Let there be expats abroad like Turks in Germany. I can also bring Turks to Turkey.if I'm playing with Turkey
2) Education system can be made. Educational buildings can be built. As the number of educated people in the country increases, our technology increases, our production income increases, and the economy increases. Accordingly, the brain drain rate can also be added. If the education of the countries is bad, the brain drain rate increases [(expatriates increase in countries with high technology), the population of our country decreases] the economy decreases, production income decreases, our technology decreases.
People become restless.
3) Bosphorus, canal, mine and oil revenues should also be added. Countries that derive revenue from the strait and canal must have the authority to close the strait or canal to passage. In order to pass through the strait/canal, we need to get a military entry permit from that country. And when we capture the lands of the countries that have these revenues (for example: we need to capture the province of Istanbul for the Bosphorus) (that is, the "if" feature can be added to the events), the revenue and authority will pass to us.
4) Coup system, if the situation and future of the country does not improve, the army will take over and we will lose the game (values such as unhappiness value may affect)
5) Forced migration, when I invade a country and I cannot take all of its territory, I can force the foreigners in the land I took to migrate to the remaining lands of the country I left, or if there is a crowded community and there are people of different races in my own land, I can subject the foreigners there to forced migration.
6) Settlement, as stated in the article above, I should be able to settle my own nation in the empty lands left by foreigners, or I should be able to settle my own people in the lands I occupied but were not subject to. I force people to migrate, and if I do this the lands will slowly assimilate.

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