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Age of History 3
Rodak Polak

Core provinces and chance to fix problem from AoH2

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Core provinces create a great chance to fix the problem from AOH2 (after several years in the game main provinces of the country are captured by other countries and it ends like this: Romania have provinces only in Greece, Netherlands have provinces only in Denmark e.t.c)

My proposition to fix it:

1. In the window of declaring war we sholud have a choice if we want to fight for core provinces of enemy or for provines that are not core

2. an option enabling fight for core provinces of the enemy should be paid extra (player need to pay 10 000 gold for declaring war for enemys core provinces)

3. when you declare war for non core provinces you can only annex non core provinces in peace talks

4. when you declare war for core provinces you can only annex core provinces in peace talks

5. defender can annex whatever he wants if he wins

6. provinces conquered during wars need 100 years to become core province

7. provinces conquered by colonization need 300 years to become core provinces (because there are no provinces that are still under colonial rule. Every colonial empire colapsed)

My solution may help in situations like when England is knocked out from Europe and exist only in, for example, in North America; its so stupid and annoying when England exist in different continet than Europe

Mr. Łukasz let me know if you have read this by give me any reaction to this post, please.

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Changing the mechanics of provinces can lead to significant changes in balance. Your idea gives too long terms and %. It would be better if the cost of signing peace was (finally) influenced by the location of the capitals of countries in certain regions/continents.

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