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Age of History 3
Rodak Polak

Hope for a bonus from access to the sea and one more option in diplomacy

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In AoH2 sea was unused. In fact it was better to have no access to the see than to have it (access to the sea was only troublemaker because it make possible for enemy to make devastating landing troops in our country).

I suggest to add prestige bonus for every province bordering the sea or prestige bonus for each port built.

I know that will not be trade in the AoH3 (and i think its a good idea) but i suggest something: we already have option for "improve relations" but maybe you shold also add option "signa a trade contract". And there are condition to signe the contract:

1. You need to have good relations with the country you want to sign contract with (relations +0 or +5)

2. You will be able to have only 3 contracts with 3 different countries at the same time

3. Every contract is signed for 10 years.

4. Your relations with country you have deal with will damege and improve slower

5. both countries that signed the contract will receive income from it depending on the point in the ranking (if you sign contract with country with 947 points in the ranking you will have 947 gold income from the contract with this country monthly or each year)

6. AI sholud work like this: strong countries get many contract offer and they chose contract with the strongest counties and countries they like. For example if England get offer from France and relations are +10, and second offer from Moldova and relations are +999 England should choose Moldova even they will smaller income from that contract)

That is my proposition. I invite you to discuss

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