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Age of History 3
Rodak Polak

Doubts about the ticking warscore

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Will the ticking warscore allow us as Poland to take over the Kaliningrad Oblast and, thanks to the ticking warscore, without other battles, gain 100% warscore (if Russia did not get military access from Belarus or Ukraine)? So, by occupying only 5 provinces, would it be possible to defeat a country with 1,000 provinces and conquer half of Russia in a peace treaty?

I do not think that is good. That it's why i suggest:

1. Countries can annex fewer provinces than in AoH 2

2. Countries should not annex an area with a larger population than their country's population even when they occupy 100% of the loser provinces (It is unrealistic when Luxembourg annex half of the Germany. It is impossible due to lack of people)

3. After winning the war it should be 3 possibilities:

  • annexation of several provinces,
  • vassalization
  • introducing a favorable government to the defeated country (that sholud improve relations between the parties to the conflict on +999)
  • it should be possible to combine the options given above during peace talks (for example annex 4 provinces and introduce favorable goverment to the defeated country

4. THE MOST IMPORTANT: The ticking warscore should turn on only after you reach 50% warscore

I hope I explained well what I meant and was understood

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