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Age of History 3
Rodak Polak

Atheism in AoH3 and int very important role in history

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Idea of atheism was created in Frande in +/- 1600s. First declared atheists existed in 1790s and it was related to the Enlightenment. I think that atheism is important in the history and should be in the game and i will try to justify it:

  • In Soviet Union atheism was official "religion" of the country
  • In modern Europe there is a lot of atheists
  • here is a correlation between technological development, an increase in the percentage of atheists and a decline in the birth rate

So my proposition is:

  • atheism sholud be a religion in AoH3
  • it should be available only after unlocking in the technology tree around 1790s and without unlocking it players sholud not be able to discover new technologies (atheism was "religion" of people who loves intelect so it corelacted with technology)
  • after unlocking atheism it should spread itsealf in every province in country that developed it. The more technologically developed a country is, the faster atheism develops
  • In province where atheism become the main "religion" is +15% faster technological development  and -20% growth rate (it can be solution to stop the population growth so it doesn't be eternal growth)
  • unlocking atheism in 1790s with +15% faster technological development will be a good reflection of the rapid development of humanity from the 19th century to the 21st century

@Łukasz JakowskiI hope you will see it because I think that it is the most important topic I have started on here

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