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Age of History 3

Chinese/soviet mechnic, trade routes, women leaders & impassable terrian

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In this I propose 3 and ask about 3 different things 


1.The first just like the hre has its own system I believe that China just like eu4 in the image below should have its own system aswell

Perhaps this too can be the same system for the soviet union as its made up of many socialist states & puppet so perhaps soemthing similer or same can be used for the ussr too with tribiuties/Chinese states simply being the soviet states & their puppets (like Mongolia, tunna tuva & postww2 commintern & other communist states like China (proir to the sino-soviet split), Laos, n.k, Vietnam

We can also have a status on China randomly if it's at peace in unrest like in ck2 which can impact economic prices maybe and certian economic bonsues which nations on and nearby the silk road usually recive


2. Silk road & trade routes just like in ck2 as the image shows below I beleive that there should be trade routes & most importantly the silk road in the game, what effect this can have on the game is economically as perhaps every province/or every civliza4ioj that has provinces that are near or in the silk road will get economically bonuses, the silk and other trade routes can also be effected/impacted by other factors such as wars (Mongol & timriud invasions, crusades) which can impact or close parts of the trade road temporarily and some trade routes can collapse entirely such as the silk road simply coming into a end in 1453 C.E., when the Ottoman Empire closed off trade with the West(which stops economic bonuses to all nations whos provinces are in and bordering the silkroad)& obvoisuly then automatically lowers relations with the ottomans by states effected by this closure

(See image below for silk & other trade routes images)


3. This is more of a question rather than a suggestion well maybe both but will women leaders be present since as we know historically some nations should be ruled by queens instead of kings for example queen Victoria in U.K aswell as a few prime ministers in the modern era like jacinda Arden, Angela Merkel & the Finnish prime minister too im pretty sure so will women leaders be present

4. Impassable terrain(not wastelands)that's part of ur provinces but u can't build or pass troops thru there except maybe planes& artillery lol

Speaking of wastelands maybe when u nuke a place it can become a wastelands for a set amount of time peroid/years like cherynbol should be visible as a city on the map for example but should be a wasteland or impassable


images (1) (2).jpeg

images (1) (3).jpeg

images (1) (4).jpeg

images (1) (5).jpeg

Screenshot_20240223_143423_Chrome Beta.png

Screenshot_20240223_143428_Chrome Beta.png

Screenshot_20240223_143432_Chrome Beta.png

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Also maybe the silk road effected by China like open restricted & closed just like in jade dragon ck2 dlc

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Maybe the same system for China/soviets like hre and stuff can also be applied to places with lots of small kingdoms in one region such as the Indian subcontinent too



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Expansionist isollated/closed borders to normal /open China has policies


british raj can have this system where they can fight one another the princely states however they are ruled by britian/puppets of it & directly pay British mepire this is how this cocnpet can be applied to raj, as for ussr ig can have the same policies as China, raj wouldn't cuz its pretty controlled and weak hsitorically/half of it colonized but ussr can have policies ai can decide


Whether to be isolated or expansionist too and in the case it is expansionist it will attempt to expand not directly territory but rather by couping, then puppeting or inviting those newly communist countries into its alliance therefore expanding indirectly that way


Major powers/important regions with unique systems:

So ya:

1.Hre has its own system

2.Raj has basically the same system as china/ussr but with msot if it removed they r simply all pay britian are puppet of it basically and britian always rules them but they (the princely states) can fight one another ig 

3.China & ussr share same system

4.USA should have its own parliment system like in hoi4

Need to be added:

• British system for u.k since its to rule the 4 countries (it can be used in modern scenrios too obvoisuly)

• Russia (since russia is made up of alot of autonmus regions,  regions/oblasts/states r big like yakutia/sakha republic &bothers historically sigificant like some states in caucasia due to wars post soviet union break up)

• maybe maybe a German Reich to manage riechkommisrats & stuff?

Other proposals:

• roman empire to rule its provinces historically system for them that would be cool

• (not required but still would be cool for other major powers) like modern Germany & france


Don't forget a crusade/holy war/jihad for medival states, (Christian nations have it called a crusade it can be called if many nations vote for it or if pope calls for it, Islamic states have ability the caliphate to declare jihad (defensive or offensive) a caliph can call it yk other medival countries & religions ig its just called for them a holy war but ya the 2 biggest religons have their holy war mechnic renamed to crusades & jihads


images (1) (2).jpeg

images (1) (1).jpeg

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