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Better HRE system in-game

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Hello, so I saw that the HRE system in AOC2 is very... poorly made to say at least. Being an emperor/elector basically provides no features, no buffs and the empire ultimately serves as a placeholder. To fix this I have came with a few ideas on how to make empire slightly more "attractive";

  1. Level of recognition of Imperial Authority; basically depending on Emperor's strenght, decisions, events and other factors. All HRE members, excluding emperor will have a level of acceptance and recognition towards the imperial rule. The level of recognition would be affected by; Emperor's strenght; the strenght of emperor compared to the rest of Holy Roman Empire, not only his military strenght tho, his economy, and perhaps even population would also matter, Emperor's actions; this point was inspired by the imperial system in EU4; emperor will be capable of demanding the so-called "unlawful territory" (i.e. territory in Empire controlled by non-member states), and high amounts of unlawful territory will result in Emperor's authority beggining to slowly fade away. Also the emperor would be able to grant a non-member state a privilege to hold imperial territory, which would heavily increase the opinion of Emperor by the state but would reduce imperial authority, and papal opinion (in case the territory is given to a heretic/heathen). other actions emperor could take to increase/decrease his authority would be; going on a crusade, defeating nations that posses a threat to the empire, giving out loans with low/no interest to member states in need, keeping peace in the empire, and perhaps even more. Privileges; a privilege system could be implemented. Based on the amount of privileges and the importance of received privileges, member states will lose recognition of imperial authority. For example a smaller privilege like being exempt from paying taxes to the emperor will not decrease the recognition by a lot, but strong privileges, like not having to anwser to imperial courts, will reduce it heavily. Based on the privileges the member state's opinion of emperor will increase. Events; there could be events that could increase the imperial authority level. For example if we would have a start in 1440, the emperor would have an event to support Hungary in the crusade of Varna; doing so would increase Papacy's opinion of the emperor and would grant him a special modifier that would ultimately increase the imperial authority, while declining to do so would result in Pope losing opinion of the emperor, and perhaps if the opinion is low enought excommunicating him, which could perhaps lead to a special event related to Pope-Emperor conflicts, and losing dozens of imperial recognition.
  2. Bonuses of being an emperor/elector; We could make it so emperor has some special benefits, like increased diplomatic opinion, more prestige (if such a thing like prestige would be added at all) etc. But being an emperor would also allow you to increase your influence over member states and reform the empire, which would gradually increase the bonuses emperor receives. While being an elector would first of all allow you to elect the next emperor, and would also grant several bonuses. Also richer states could offer electors trade offers, where they would want you to give them thier support in exchange for some cash. While being a prince would mean you could get emperor's help in case of being attacked or fighting infields (but that would depend on the emperor if he desires to help you or not), and would perhaps provide some additional bonuses like increased diplomatic relation with member states etc.
  3. Ability to disband the empire; while disbanding the empire would be an automatic event durning for example napoleonic wars if France has managed to capture most of the Empire, the empire could be disbanded at basically any time; to do this either emperor with high authority (with low the emperor won't be able to disband the empire, and even with high attempts to do so could cause revolts of peasants, nobles etc.) would have to decide to disband it, or another nation, controlling most of the empire, including Emperor's capital, deciding to do so. Disbanding the empire would grant both bonuses and the opposite. If emperor disbanded the empire he would lose a lot of opinion of loyal members, and it could cause revolts, but members with high desire to leave the empire would get more opinion of the emperor, and the same would happen to nations that generally had rough opinions with the empire. If another nation disbanded the empire by occupying most of it's lands they would get a high prestige modifier, and an ability to form a Germanic Confederation from the remnants of the empire, and perhaps other modifiers as well.

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