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Age of History 3

Age Of History 3- Titles For Different Rulers/Empire

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this is referring to titles Like Caliph, caesar, Pope, Etc, These traits could be unlocked in the technology tree based on your individual country,

Caliph Is  Unlocked at the technology tree under conditions of: Being Muslim, in the middle east, and applying certain religious laws and reforms,  you also need to be very strong, and it gives you many bonuses such as improved relations with people of your sect, higher precentage of allowing military access and extra legacy points, higher morale etc, as caliph you can also call for jihad against countries who are not your religion and are on your borders, but more than one caliph can be which can harm your bonuses (and theirs) so you must gain recognition for this title by achieving victories against non believers and your enemies and improving relations with more countries to gain recognition as caliph over the other contenders, decreasing their bonuses as you gain legitimacy points and increasing yours, lastly there is an option to add the title to your civilization once unlocked, example: caliphate of Cordoba, Abbasid Caliphate, fatimid caliphate, almohad caliphate etc


Pope Is Exclusive to the Papal States unlike the caliphate due to Historical reasons, but sometimes contenders can pop up in places like england and France under a special event, here you also have to gain legitimacy points, except for papacy you must simply rally people to your side by improving relations, you can even assassinate the contender by sending a spy and if you gain more 1.5% more legitimacy points you get the option to declare them as a heretic, pope title also has many bonuses, such as: Heavy bonus for relations with all christian countries of your sect and reduction of relations with orthodox nations and byzantium, you can also call a crusade on the holy land which can be unlocked as a technology tree, but can be used a few times each 100 years or else you lose legitimacy points, papacy can also call for holy war in the iberian peninsula and western europe to help aid the reconquista or defeat any possible islamic incursion, holding pope title can also give stability bonuses and makes papal states as neutral as switzerland with an exception to the napoleonic wars where you (through an event) get the option to either fight against france-italian coalition or become vatican, the pope title is a bit more nerfed because the papal states were mostly stagnant and not as expansive as the caliphates


Ceasar Is A Much More Broad Title that can be held By ANYONE regardless of religion, The Requirements are as follows: Be (partially atleast) In Europe, be a great power (IE top 7 in the world), have capital in Europe and optionally control some land in asia, but one BIG condition that can void all the others is having Constantinople as your capital, or controlling some Mediterranean coastlines, this title grants you many advantages, such as: Rome formable, extra capital growth rates, and easier capital upgrades, it also gives you bonuses for spreading culture (if ever added) and religion, so easier core construction, this title can easily have more than one claimant and claiming it will heavily damage your relation with them, but it is not available for non absolute monarchies and it becomes no longer available post ww1, this title is simply meant to be the way for any European nation to unlock the roman empire formable


this feature is meant for post beta, NOT ALPHA, beta release, so when the game is truly finished developing, but it is a really fun idea

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