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Age of History 3

War justifications, caravans

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Basically idea that'd be visual, in game there'll be ships swimming around I believe there should be such thing on land too, basically working the same way as ships but instead it'd be caravans moving between certain points on land. 


War justification/Casus Belli

I think it's the 2nd or 3rd time I'm writing about this one, but I think that any way of needing to justify your war would be great, it'd slow down gameplay a bit and force player to do something while also making game a bit harder and spontaneous as player would have to wait for justification to be prepared and some things might happen in the meantime and make it more immersive while also reducing amount of situations like where Somalia declares war on Ireland. Justifications for war could be gained through many means like spies, reconquering lands you lost in recent wars, independence war if you're a vassal or religious war in certain cases. 

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