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Age of History 3

Government Systems and Economic Systems

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Instead of ideologies which doesnt make sense to implement as they are simply philosophies, government & economic systems should be implemented, and it should be possible to have a communist government (which is a one party state, communism is an economic system not a governmental one) with a capitalist economy (as in the case with china)

Two types of systems

Governmental and Economic (and Administrative, will make a seperate post for this)

This is a simplified list and simplified effects.  I will make another post for a more complex system with more detail and more effects, for if you want to implement a more in depth and complex system (which would be good)

Economic Systems:



Bonus to tax income & trade income, bonus to economic development, bonus to colonization income


Increased construction cost and time, increased military upkeep cost & recruitment cost, increased economic corruption, increased inflation, increased unemployment, increased wealth gaps

Mixed Economy

50/50 privatization/nationalization

No effects



Reduced construction cost and time (not as much as communism), increase to happiness (as services like healthcare transporation housing are nationalized/free for citizens)


Reduced trade and tax income, reduced economic development



Decrease to construction cost and time, decrease to military upkeep cost & recruitment cost (no salary, only cost is from the purchase and maintainence of the gear the soldiers use, so big reduction in recruitment and upkeep cost, maybe half the cost) increased natural resources extraction, increased production of products


Reduced economic development, no domestic trade, no tax income

Instead of simply choosing which economic system to have, it should be a spectrum, as no country is 100% capitalist or communist. Many aspects of the economy are nationalized, and many are privatized. There should be a slider or something that lets us choose how much % do we want the economy to be nationalized/privatized (slider all the way to the right is full capitalist economy with full capitalist effects, slider all the way left is full communist economy with full communist effects, and in the middle is 50/50 nationalized-privatized mixed economy with neutral effect), with a confirm button

Also it should take a long time (months to years depending on how big of a change you make) to implement and economic system change, as changing it instantly would be unrealistic

Government Systems



Increased happiness, bonus to relations with other countries, bonus to stability, decrease to religious infighting/religious instability/religious conflict, reduced internal ethnic strife/conflict


Increased political corruption (especially when combined with capitalism), increased potential unrest, country more vulnerable to foreign influence, reduced military strength, increased seperatism



Increased stability, decreased base unrest, reduced seperatism, increased defensive military strength, increased tax income, reduced military recruitment cost, decreased construction cost and time, bonus to army morale (depends on happiness/how well the king rules, reduction if happiness/approval is low, bonus if they are high/good)


Reduced relations with other countries/civilizations, increased potential unrest, decreased happiness, increased internal opposition, decrease to technological development


(this should be a secondary government type in combination with others as theocracies can be monarchies, one party states, even democracies. And it should be exclusive to islam and christianity majority states. And the papal states should be the only state with theocracy as its primary and only government type)


Increased happiness, reduced unrest, bonus to military strength, decrease to military recruitment cost & upkeep cost, bonus to army morale


Increased instability, increased internal relgious strife/conflict and religious minority unhapiness, reduced relations with other countries (especially democracies)


A theocracy that is exclusive to the Papal States. Only difference is that it is a theocracy on its own and does not need to be nor is able to be in combination with another government type

One-Party/Single-Party State:


Increased stability, increased control, bonus to military strength, bonus to economic development, reduced seperatism, reduced effectiveness of foreign spywork on the state


Reduced relations with other countries (especially democracies), increased unhappiness if ruling is bad (but increased happiness if its good), harder to establish relations and diplomacy with other countries (especially democracies), increased internal opposition, more volatile risk of rebellion (the effect of how good/bad the rule of the government is toward its civilians has a stronger effect, so good ruling gives an even bigger bonus to stability, but bad ruling gives an even bigger bonus/likelihood to revolts and rebellions and makes foreign funding to those rebels more effective), increased potential for civil war if government loses control/collapses or foreign seeding of rebellions is successful and big / increased size, bloodiness, and fractures/number of participants, of civil war if it happens

Additional Suggestions

Dont add constitutional monarchies as they are just democracies with a ceremonial monarch that has no power. Wouldnt have any reasonable effects in game. Also dont add dictatorships as those are just one-party states and it doesnt make sense long term as its specifically the rule of one head of state, and this isnt a political simulator where you play as one person being the leader of a country for a small period of time, so it doesnt make sense for the game

Also add Administrative Systems (feudalism (decentralized administration with increased stability and decreased army maintenance cost (as in feudal/decentralized administrative systems the soldiers buy their own gear or are provided them by their feudal lord) but increased cost to recruit and upkeep army and reduced tax income, and if levied army is called up for too long it starts to reduce feudal lords happiness and increase unrest, as a few of the effects), federation (like russia with autonomy for territories and bonus to ethnic stability and unity and decreased seperatism but decreased tax income as one of the effects), republic (like usa and ussr with autonomous states within them and increased stability and unity but increased seperatism as one of the effects). I will probably make a post for this with a more detailed list and effects

Also add policies. A couple ideas for them are mandatory military service for free (or reduced cost as there is still cost of equipment) soldier recruitment of a certain amount per year but decreased happiness and reduced army morale as one of the effects, controlled media for increased stability but increased unhappiness as one of the effects, draft policy for a one-time huge increase in manpower but increased unhappiness and unrest as one of the effects, I will also probably make a post for this as well

Also add a slider to adjust level of autonomy for provinces and vassals, one end being increased vassal/province happiness, stability, and decreased seperatism and desire for independence but reduced tax income in that province or vassal, and for vassals reduced army levy, and on the other end of the slider the opposite effects. Just like for changing the spectrum of economic system, make changing level of autonomy for provinces and vassals be a process that takes time as it is also unrealistic to be able to instantly change it, and also make it so that if you change it often or too much in a short time period, unhappiness and unrest is greatly increased for that province or vassal. And make it possible for individual provinces and group of provinces to seperate and declare independence (for groups, which groups seperate together should be dependent on common ethnicity and/or religion)

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I agree with this although your knowledge on economics and governance is limited.

For governmental systems, it'd be quite simple:




For economic systems, it'd be quite simple:

-Market Economy

-Command Economy

-Mixed Economy

As for benefits of different economic systems, command economies will be good for rapidly industrializing, so it'd have increases to construction speed and economic development. If you look to history, as the economy grew in the Soviet Union the state bureaucracy also grew which caused the rapid economic growth to slow down. So it should also increase administrative costs which would lower your net income. A market economy would be the opposite, lower administrative costs meaning greater net income but slower construction speed and economic development. A mixed economy would but somewhere in-between.

I feel this is small and manageable, but provides a very strong foundation for modders to expand upon. For example adding variants of the planned economy such as decentralized planning or variants of a market economy such as laissez-faire or a regulated market.

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