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Age of History 3

An Idea of Transportation System

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Dear Lukasz,

Transportation systems have played an important and indispensable role in History, so I think it is also very necessary to include transportation systems in Age of History 3. Here are some of my ideas for the transportation system:

Rail transport

Railway occupies an important position in the whole field of transportation, and plays an increasingly important role. Age of History 3 Railway system construction should be optional along the provinces. In the provinces along the route, there is an option to build a railway station (a railway station should be a building of the province). The railway can speed up the movement of troops and increase the economic and population growth rate of the provinces along the route. It should be noted that the cost of building a railway is related to the terrain through which the railway passes and the economy of the provinces along the line and even the economy of the whole country.

Water transportation

In the game, the port can be used as a building in the coastal provinces along the river, and the mechanism of demarcating the route can be considered after the construction of the port. I suggest that Age of History 3 can join the canal.

Road transport

Roads can be built in various provinces. The main function of roads is to speed up the movement of troops and to drive economic and population growth.

Air transport

When the technology tree to unlock the aircraft is developed, the airport can be built in the province. The airport can be used as a base for the air force, but also as a frontier for trade, bringing huge benefits to the province. Route demarcation can be added to the air transport interface.

Pipeline transportation

It can only transport energy such as oil and natural gas, which can regulate energy prices and affect the economy.

Each mode of transportation brings rewards to the province, as well as operating and maintenance costs. Every mode of transportation should be able to be upgraded, such as upgrading railways to increase the speed of military movement and increase economic and population growth.

The above modes of transportation can be integrated with other features of Age of History 3, such as transportation can be unlocked and upgraded with the development of science and technology, and can be added to the technology tree of Age of History 3. Corruption raises the cost of building and operating transport. Every mode of transportation can be upgraded and bring greater rewards. You can also pass laws to make policies about it. For example, you can adjust whether each mode of transportation is open to the public or only used by the military; Adjusting the pricing of each mode of transport to generate revenue for the state (possibly affecting public satisfaction and provincial stability); Sell off parts of the transportation industry in times of financial hardship and buy them back later.

The addition of transportation systems can greatly enrich the player experience, improve the authenticity of the game, and create more possibilities for the player. I hope Lukasz and other MOD writers will take my point of view. Due to my limited level, only these ideas for the time being, there are many shortcomings in the article, welcome friends to add, we discuss together, let more people see this post.

May the Age of History 3 flourish!

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