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Nuclear Armageddon Event - Idea For Cold War til 2022 Scenario

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The idea Is: AI Will avoid Using nukes, and won't develop nukes unless their rival is developing them or has them (they get to know thru spy feature) But when relations get too much and one side of a war involving atleast 4 great powers fighting on opposite sides who all posess nukes, once one side is close to losing, they have a 40% chance of unleashing all their nuclear weapons on the biggest city centres of the enemy civ, prompting the enemy civ to do the same, here the event popup appears and the player gets two choices: either just take any hit they get due to to the domino effect of everyone nuking one another OR unleash their own nuclear arsenal on all their neighbours as well causing even more chaos and escalation once this happens, all rival/negative relation civs will nuke each other and civs will usually target allies of their rival civ with nukes until everyone's nukes are used up



for this event to occur: 50 nukes need to exist

nukes need to be divided between more than 1 country

relations need to be very negative

multiple great powers need to be involved

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