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Age of History 3

Compiled list of what i want to see in AOH3

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Hello everyone and Lukasz, I have created a list of things that i would like to see in AOH3

  • Formables: Add as many formables by default as humanly possible, with every country having at least one formable. Formables were always a great motivation that gave people a goal if they ever got bored of the game. I always thought Aoh2 should have more formables by default, so please lots in Aoh3.
  • Zooming: PLEASE🙏🙏 make it so that the zooming on the map in this game is smooth. Not to be rude but i've always disliked how sluggish and slow the map zoomed in and out on PC in Aoh2 so please don't repeat that in Aoh3. However, what i can see from the trailers so far is that Lukasz has fixed this so i'm happy to see that.
  • Laws and Reforms: Now, about that law system. From what i've seen in the trailers so far, it appears to me that the laws and reforms are just going to be fixed progression that simply get better with each upgrade. This idea sounds kind of strange as that seems like the job of the technology tree. I think it would be nice if the laws start out with simple progression, but near the end you have different paths to choose. For example, if there are reforms for farming, once you get to a high enough level you should be able to choose if you want farms to be privately owned or community-owned (Capitalism vs Communism) with each option having their own pros and cons. But of course this could contradict with the ideology you have selected, so maybe you could make it so that there's different reforms depending on the ideology you currently are. Or you could also just make these different reform options not ideologically related.
  • AI: It seems to me that Lukasz is adding this but i'll say it anyway. AI should be able to use all of the diplomacy tools, all of the country decisions, and in a smart way. AI should also be able to make and manage trade requests with all kinds of deals between countries becoming possible. It always seemed strange to me how in Aoh2 the trade function had all these uses but most of them weren't usable with the AI always declining (in my experience, I could be wrong).
  • Ultimatums: I think ultimatums should become more useful in Aoh3, as declaring war was always the better option in Aoh2. Also make sure that the exploits associated with ultimatums in Aoh2 don't appear again in Aoh3.
  • Mods: As workshop mods are being introduced to Aoh3, it would be good to have a nice and organised mod manager, where you can see the details of every mod you have subscribed to and being able to turn them on or off, all of this being somewhere in the main menu.

In short: Add more formables, make zooming better, different reform options, AI be able to do everything, better ultimatums, mod manager.

Good luck Lukasz in making Age of history 3, i can't wait for the release.

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