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     In my opinion, and, of course, if possible, it would be a wonderful idea to add what I call a "Turn-Based" Scenario Editor. Allow me to explain myself.

In EU4, you can choose which date events happen with a turn pin. Well, if it was possible to make a scenario where you can drag on a timeline to certain dates for things to happen, move armies to places, grow population. annex countries/provinces, etc. This would make a great addition to the game in that it would be so much easier to make scenarios with events! What I imagine is this for example:'

I want to make a Napoleonic War Scenario: I color in the provinces for France, Austria, Russia, etc. I then drag a timeline to 1815, where I then click on France, almost as though I'm playing as them, and move their armies to Russia. If you choose to play as France in the timeline, the decision would not happen UNLESS you can press a button in the scenario editor to allow it to happen. Boom. This would be so submersive and so fun and easy to make for us here in the community. I know it could be hard to program so whatever you need to do is fine. I'm sure the game is already great (It looks great to me!) Thanks, Lukasz. 

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