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Non Bordering states cannot interact Pre Age Of Discovery - An Idea For AI Diplomacy

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An Example Of This Would Be Delhi And Qara Qoyunlu, In AOH2 these two could coalition the timurids and give us pretty ugly bordergore and it wouldn't be realistic, which is why i suggest that empires separated by land or an OCEAN (not sea) lose the ability to interact until the age of discovery, where then they can interact if there is an ocean but the land limitation is still there, the land limitation can get lifted on the age of information 

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7 minutes ago, Wayne23lololh said:

Regions could intervene for this 

for two kingdoms to interact historically they needed to either border or have coasts to go through to reach one another, and for something as important as an alliance or a coalition both kings had to meet at some point, if they are separated by an ocean or the enemy kingdom is between them it would be impossible for anything to happen

(this is pre age of discovery)

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3 hours ago, Wayne23lololh said:

But what about Europe (with millions of civ), HRE and other things like that, will there be a special treatment for it ?

HRE is already an alliance, meaning the civs are already linked diplomatically, what i asked for really just stops france from declaring war on bohemia in 1440 (if they have no borders)

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