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historical ai like Hoi4

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Hello Mr. Lucas. I'm a big fan of your game Age of History 2. And I heard you're making a new game. There was something missing in your games that made me sad since the second game. As you know, the historical artificial intelligence system in the Hearts of Iron 4 game means that even if we are Mexico in the Second World War, the artificial intelligence must start the Second World War, meaning that there is no nonsense like the Nazis declaring war on Mexico for no reason. If there is no historical AI, after a certain period of time the game becomes a map coloring game. For example, even if we are from countries that were not in World War II, artificial intelligence should do what it did in World War II. This also applies to other scenarios. It would be great if you do this. So we should at least have the chance to choose or not choose the historical AI system. please think .

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I do not see sense of historical AI. What is the point to play if you know from the very beginning what will happen and how it will end. If you want to see how the map changed during World War II, watch one of the millions of videos on this topic on YT. You do not need game to see it.

Historical AI only makes sense when we have hundreds of thousands of events in the scenario, so that there is any chance that the game will not be boring

What is the point of taking over countries in the war through events? I'm literally asking for someone to explain this to me because I really don't understand

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